Years of drinking alcohol damaged my liver

Years of drinking alcohol damaged my liver

When you consume alcohol, your liver must metabolize it, which is difficult. The way alcohol affects your liver is determined by the amount and frequency with which you consume it.

How does alcohol affect the liver?

Your liver can usually handle a tiny amount of alcohol if you only consume a small amount. If you drink a lot of alcohol, your liver will have a hard time absorbing it. When liver cells are overworked, they can begin to break down. This damage can cause fatty liver, fibrosis (liver scarring), and even cirrhosis.

Types & Symptoms of Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

Damage to the liver induced by years of excessive drinking causes Alcohol-Related Liver Disease (ARLD). The liver can become inflamed and enlarged after years of alcohol addiction. Cirrhosis, or scarring, can result from this damage which is the last stage of liver disease.

Three Stages of liver disease-

  1. Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Fat builds up inside liver cells, making it difficult for the liver to function normally. This stage of liver disease develops quickly after a period of heavy drinking. It usually causes no symptoms, however, an enlarged liver might cause upper abdominal pain on the right side.

  1. Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis

This condition is marked by inflammation, swelling, and the killing of liver cells. This scars the liver, which is known as fibrosis. After binge drinking, symptoms may appear gradually or quickly. Fever, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, and tenderness are some of the symptoms. Up to 37% of heavy drinkers develop alcoholic hepatitis which can either be mild or severe.

  1. Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis

The most severe form of ALD, happens when the entire liver is damaged, resulting in the liver shrinking and hardening.  It’s possible that it will end up with liver failure. Cirrhosis affects 15 to 25% of heavy drinkers after 10 years or more of drinking.

Symptoms of Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

Some of the early signs and symptoms, most of which are connected to ALD, go unnoticed. Symptoms may not show for a few years after that. A few of the common symptoms include-

  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Swelling in the belly, legs, feet, and ankles
  • Yellowish color of the skin
  • Itchy skin with hair loss
  • Bleeding

Treating Alcohol-Related Liver Disease with AYURVEDA

Ayurveda is well-known for its effectiveness in treating alcohol-induced liver damage. Natural components, such as herbs, can not only treat liver disease but also improve the liver’s general health. Abstinence from alcohol will be part of the treatment, as it is critical in reversing the damage that alcohol has caused to the liver.

Certain herbs such as Mulethi, Giloy, Ashwagandha, and Tulsi have antioxidant properties which are useful in treating fatty liver, hepatitis, etc.  Hindrishi Ayurveda offers an herbal-mineral remedy “Liv- Revive- Total Liver Detox” that is beneficial in liver diseases and improves liver function without any side effects.

Liver detox syrup is available on the website and you can place your order online and have the item delivered to your home. It is easy now easy to keep your liver healthy naturally. 


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