5 Yoga Asanas to help you burn your Belly Fat

5 Yoga Asanas to help you burn your Belly Fat

The best way to reduce body fat in certain places, such as the abdomen, is to exercise frequently without worrying about it. And what exactly fulfils the requirement? Yoga can help you lose abdominal fat.

Age, genetics, an unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating practices, irregular exercise, and stress all contribute to belly fat. In addition, bad posture, drooping, and lower back pain are also caused by diminished abdominal strength and structure. You can lose belly fat by doing yoga and eating a balanced diet. All you have to do is follow the plan and practice the yoga consistently.

Regular yoga practice can have a variety of positive effects on one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. Certain yoga asanas can help successfully burn fat in addition to strengthening flexibility and enhancing muscles strength and stone.

Here are 5 asanas of yoga to reduce belly fat-

1. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose  

The cobra stance not only aids in belly fat reduction but also treats digestive disorders like diarrhoea. The pose is very beneficial for those with respiratory conditions and back problems.

How to do-

  •   Lie on your stomach with your palms beneath your shoulders and your      forehead flat on the ground.
  • Lift your body slowly off the floor while inhaling using your back and stomach muscles.
  • Straighten your arms while pressing your back and shoulder blades together.
  • While staring towards the ceiling, extend your neck. By a few inches, raise your hips off the floor.
  • Exhale and return to the beginning position after holding the position for 15-30 seconds 
  1.  Apanasana or Knees to chest pose                         The yoga position apanasana can help you lose weight around your stomach and lower back while also providing relief from bloating and period cramps. Additionally, this activity includes a downward energy flow that promotes good bowel movements and digestion.                                   How to do -
  •  Inhale deeply as you start out by lying on your back.Exhale and bring your knees to your chest
  • Keep your shoulders down and towards our waist. Tuck your chin down and keep your face parallel to the centre of your body.

Hold this position for 10 -15 seconds, or until breathing seems natural. Slowly rock your knees from side to side to get the most stretch possible. As you exhale, return to your starting position. Repeat the asana a minimum of six times after relaxing a minute.

  1. Utkatasana or Chair Pose

Standing yoga pose that promotes fat loss by enhancing the circulatory and metabolic systems. The hip, thighs, and buttocks are some of the main body parts that the chair position targets for toning.

How to do-

  • Place your feet slightly apart as you stand. Take a deep breath in and raise your arms straight overhead, palms facing in and triceps close to your ears.
  • Inhale, bend your knees, push your butt back, and then slowly drop yourself to the ground as if you were sitting in a chair. Permit a natural forward tilt of the torso over the thighs. Keep your shoulders back and down.

Breathe deeply for a while longer. Return to the beginning position after five breaths in this position.


  1. Kumbhakasana or Plank Pose

Due to its emphasis on the core, this yoga is the easiest to do while still being highly effective. Along with the arms, back, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks, it tones and strengthen the abs.

How to do-

  • Start by lying on your stomach with your palms close to your face and your feet bent so that they are pushing the ground with your toes.
  • By lifting the hands off the floor, raise the body. Straight legs and wrists placed just beneath the shoulders are ideal.
  • Spread your fingers out and firmly press your hands and forearms down to prevent chest collapse while taking steady breaths.
  • Maintain a focused stare between your hands. Draw the muscles in your abdomen toward your spine while extending the back of your neck.

Aligning the body and head, tuck your toes in, and take a step back with your feet. Keep your thighs raised at all times. Hold this posture while inhaling deeply five times.

  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Dog Pose

By aggressively engaging your core while holding this pose, you may strengthen and tone your abdominals as well as lose belly fat.

How to do-

  • 1.Lie on your back with your hands slightly in front of your shoulders and your knees precisely beneath your hips.
  • Keep your toes turned under and spread your hands and index fingers out.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent and raise them off the ground as you exhale. Lengthen the tailbone, then gently press it in the direction of the pubis.
  • Stretching heel toward the ground while pulling thighs back. Knees should be straightened but not locked.
  • Firmly press the hands against the floor while flexing the outer thighs and outer arms. Firmly maintain your shoulder blades and move them toward your tailbone.

Keep your head positioned between the upper arms. Exhale, lower your knees to the floor, and settle into child’s pose after holding this position for 1-3 minutes.


Yoga poses that reduce belly fat work your core muscles while also targeting the flab that accumulates there. When done correctly, these also assist in improving posture and reduce back discomfort and menstrual cramps.

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